More Mad Dog Photos and Memorabilia

Lt. Bill Cowan, aka Plastic Handle 6, Hartford 3A and Gator 24; Rung Sat Special Zone, April 69-Aut71. This is the Marine Advisor that was stationed at Nha Be and with him and the famous Greyhounds and Mad Dogs, they made up a TEAM that couldn't be beat! Lt. Cowan admired the Greyhounds for going into tight LZ's and for ALWAYS going in to get him and his men out; he admired the Mad Dogs and Charlie Charlie for flying low and slow so he could engage the enemy. The 240th respected Lt. Cowan because if we found the enemy before him, he and his South Vietnamese Marines would head for the thick of the battle!

Left to Right-CW2 Joe Long (Future Mad Dog 37), CW2 Willie Mittelstadt-Mad Dog 34, Spec 4 Joe White-Mad Dog Gunner and CW2 Gary Rolfe-Mad Dog 36. The next day this Mad Dog Gunship, tail #589, was shot down with Mad Dog AC Richard Jadlowski at the controls and Joe White doorgunner. Jadlowski broke his back and Mad Dog 34, Willie Mittelstadt, pulled him from the wrecked aircraft, approximately July of 1970.
Photo courtesy of Mad Dog Joe and Mary White.

Mad Dog 16 Mike Forrester and Mad Dog Aircraft Commander Don Wallace sending a Xmas Greeting of Peace for 1968!
(Photo sent in by Mad Dog 16 Mike Forrester)

Dave DeWitt, future Mad Dog, in country less than a month with Company A, 27th Combat Engineer Bn. Dave was 19 years old at the time this picture was taken, August of 1967.

Here is Dave DeWitt with the Mad Dogs after transferring from the 27th Engineer Bn. Dave's Dad had this picture stuck on the wall at his place of employment, his Dad was so proud Dave served in Vietnam, Dave was and is still proud for what he did. WELCOME HOME, BROTHER DAVE!

Here's Tom Schuckman, 240th AHC Greyhound Doorgunner from White Flight, getting ready to open up with his M60 as the flight approaches the LZ to unload the ground troops on board. Thanks, Tom, for sending the picture.

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